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Welcome to the site! I am so glad you have come! New themes are regularly being uploaded to each of the pages,
so click on one of the links above to start your browsing. While browsing the site if you don’t find that perfect theme,
shoot me a message via the link below to request your custom theme. Once again thanks for visiting,
and spread the word around about my site to all of your friends.

UPDATE - 07.09.11 -
Well spending a summer in college taking three classes ties my time up real well. However,
I do have the month of August that I will have no classes and I intend to make a few new themes
for those that have been patiently waiting!

  • UPDATE - 12.09.12 -
    I had a problem with the site this past week...don't know why.
    I've reuploaded my pages...everything should be back to normal

    UPDATE - 02.11.13 -
    Well, I just renewed the "" domain for another year. Also, I have
    added the domain "". Now, both domains will link to the same site.
    Also, I plan to start updating my themes to comply with Google's new requirements.
    Hopefully, by this summer I can start to do this. Yay!

    Also just for kicks, check out the first version of!
    This was what the site first looked like when I started it in April of 2010.
    Click here for retro


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